Insufferable Dweeb Sues Pabst Over The Water Used To Brew Olympia Beer

A self-described "beer, and craft beer, consumer" from Sacramento named Brendan Peacock was really banking on Olympia beer—which retails for about $13 per 18-pack—being brewed with artesian spring water. The Sacramento Bee reports that's the crux of his new lawsuit, which alleges he was deceived by Pabst's marketing of Olympia under the tagline "It's the water."

He says the case is important enough to be considered a class action suit. "Come on, craft beer comrades! Were you, too, not deceived?" he probably wails into a void. His suit alleges the water used to brew Olympia is of unknown origin, and because the brewery is located in Irwindale, California, it may draw from a municipality that chlorinates its water. He presumably expected the water to flow from a spring, or a mountain well, or from the tears of angels themselves. Olympia's website copy says "pure mountain water and golden barley tan this smooth sculpted beer like Mount Olympia itself."

This isn't Peacock's first rodeo. The Bee reports he's also sued California brewery 21st Amendment and a guacamole maker; the first is currently in settlement talks and the latter was dismissed. No one tell this dude that Snapple is not, technically, made from the best stuff on earth.