Instagram's @Kitchentape Show Chefs Have A Sense Of Humor And Suck At Spelling

If you've worked in a restaurant kitchen—heck, even if you've just peeked into one—you're familiar with kitchen tape, the colored masking tape that cooks slap on plastic tubs to label their contents: marinara sauce; chopped garlic; chicken stock; etc.


When it's 3 a.m. and you've just finished a marathon shift, cooks might not be at their best spellers, so restaurants end up with labels like methballs. Or monster cheese fondou. Or, heaven forbid, pee broth. And all of those glorious mistakes end up on our new favorite Instagram account, @kitchentape.

Some of these are clearly the result of misspellings or a language barrier, while others are intentionally hilarious. (Good work on Mötley Crüetons, whoever you are.) @kitchentape, you get a hearty "well done" and a follow from us at The Takeout.