Inflatable Snowmen "Fighting" Outside Taco Bell Enrapture Entire Nation

I've forgone attempts at deciphering the rhyme or reason behind certain videos "viral" status. So if you were hoping for some deep analysis, I apologize, but I have no explanation for why America was collectively captivated this week by a video of two inflatable snowmen "fighting" outside a combination Taco Bell/KFC in Oregon.

Per Accuweather, high winds in the Brookings, Oregon area on December 14 slapped the inflatable snowmen around, making it look like they were "duking it out." Yes, this story's connection to actual fast-food is tenuous, but I wanted to make sure that the last remaining four people on earth who hadn't seen this video were now brought into the fold. Also, it's visual documentation of the most adorable fight that's ever happened outside a Taco Bell.