Ina Garten's Forthcoming Modern Comfort Food Is Suspiciously Well-Timed

As always, Ina Garten is doing her best to keep us happy. The Patron Saint of East Hampton has been keeping the recipes coming in quarantine, from her humongous pitcher of Cosmos to Belgian waffles for dinner. Luckily, there's a whole lot more where that came from. The Food Network star announced this week that her next cookbook, Modern Comfort Food, will be released three weeks earlier than originally planned, pushed up from October 27 to October 6. Right now, both those dates feel like blurry specks on the horizon and the three weeks in between them impossible to comprehend. But it's a nice gesture. Or, it's a publishing industry goof-up presented as a nice gesture. Either way, we're so excited, you can call us Jeffrey.

"I don't know about you, but everyone I know is feeling so stressed out these days," Garten told People in early March, as if she knew in her bones what the next several months would behold. "Often we reach for what is familiar and comforting, like a cheesy pasta or a cold martini!" Modern Comfort Food's release is so well-timed, we're starting to suspect the COVID-19 outbreak might've started at the East Hampton Farmer's Market.

Garten has been giving her Instagram followers a peek at what to expect from Modern Comfort Food and it's, well, modern comfort food. On the docket, we've got creamy tomato bisque, grilled cheese, beef stew, black-and-white cookies, and Boston cream pie. She's also teased a recipe she's calling Emily's English Potatoes, which she apparently got from Emily Blunt, sister-in-law of our other quarantine cocktail despot, Stanley Tucci. When, why, and how did Emily Blunt make roasted potatoes for Ina Garten? Do they, like, hang out? Do John Krasinski and Jeffrey get along? (Of course they do.) These are all questions I hope to have answered come October 6.