How To Quarantine Like A Lifestyle Guru

Right about now, I'll bet you're thinking, "I wonder what Ina's doing right now. What delicious food is she making for herself and Jeffrey in this terrible time of quarantine? Are they still in love? Are they still speaking? Or are they snapping at each other just like I am snapping at everyone I share a living space with?"

Instagram, as always, has the answer. Well, some answers:

If you make and eat these waffles, your life, even in quarantine, will be filled with love and abundance and joy. At least I assume. The recipe is here, on the Barefoot Contessa website. And now I know what I'm eating for dinner. (The power of suggestion is strong.)

Martha, meanwhile, has no time for such coziness. In between training her employees on the protocols of social distancing and going for walks in Nature, she's been dressing up like her buddy Snoop Dogg and dining on sushi with a full bottle of sake, because that is how Martha rolls. (Geddit?)

What message can we glean from this? I think it's to eat as much of your favorite food as possible. We're stuck here for a while. We don't know what's going to happen next and we're scared. We might as well make it as pleasant as we can.