In-N-Outs Reopen After Mysterious Bun Trouble Closes All Texas Locations

Texas In-N-Out fans couldn't get their fix earlier this week after the burger chain shuttered all its locations statewide following what the Austin American-Statesman called "issues with burger buns." The company declined to elaborate on exactly what the bun bungle was, though it did say in a statement that it posed no health risks. Thankfully, an In-N-Out corporate representative tells The Takeout all Texas locations will reopen today.


"At In-N-Out Burgers, we have always served the highest quality food with no compromise. We recently discovered that our buns in Texas do not meet the quality standards that we demand," In-N-Out's executive vice president Bob Lang said in a statement. "There was and are no food safety concerns. We decided to close all of our Texas stores until we are confident that we can serve our normal high quality bun. A new shipment of buns is on the way and we will reopen on Wednesday, June 13."

Assuming this is just a bun freshness issue, how damn stale did those buns have to be to shutter restaurants across a state as large as Texas?