In-N-Out Sues Annoying Internet Prankster For Impersonating Its CEO

In-N-Out has had enough of Cody Roeder's shit. Nation's Restaurant News reports the burger chain is suing Roeder, the creator of prank videos under the YouTube channel Troll Munchies, for impersonating In-N-Out's CEO, disturbing staff and customers, and barging into employees-only areas.

In a series of videos posted to his YouTube channel, Roeder reportedly barged into In-N-Out food preparation areas and demanded staff make him food for taste-testing, claiming he was the CEO. Those particular videos don't appear on Roeder's YouTube channel any longer, so we can't judge whether they're even remotely humorous. But his page does still include charming videos titled: FUNNIEST FART SPRAY PRANK (HILARIOUS), Picking Up A Girl In Yoga Pants, and Teabag Prank. This is sophisticated humor, clearly.

In-N-Out's attorney tells NRN the restaurants have noticed an uptick in social-media pranksters visiting the restaurants and causing scenes.

"These visitors have unfortunately used deceit, fraud, and trespass to their own advantage, and in each instance, they have attempted to humiliate, offend, or otherwise make our customers or associates uncomfortable," lawyer Arnie Wensinger said in a statement quoted by NRN.

The burger chain is suing Roeder for $25,000 in damages in a move that seems to hope to set an example for future would-be trolls. Maybe just get a real hobby, Cody, instead of causing a scene while we're trying to eat our Double-Doubles in peace.