In-N-Out Has A Secret Menu For Dogs?

Swing through the drive-thru with Fido in tow for a free Pup Patty.

I write about my beagle, Archie, pretty frequently, because he is a perfect little man and also my entire personality. He has the world's shortest legs and he howls in jubilation approximately 30 times per day. Most days, where I go, Archie goes, including the drive-thru. This gets tricky because Archie is on a special low-fat diet to protect his temperamental beagle pancreas. (My life is romantic, sexy, and glamorous!) Still, on very special occasions, I'll allow him a Pup Cup from Dunkin' or a doggy bagel from Einstein Bros. And although we live in the Midwest, I'm happy to note another dog-friendly drive-thru on the West coast: In-N-Out, home to something called a Pup Patty.

In-N-Out's human-friendly secret menu isn't that much of a secret. However, per Daily Paws, the chain also offers a few unlisted dog-friendly items. Daily Paws showcases one over on TikTok: the Pup Patty. In the TikTok, we see that the Pup Patty is a plain, unsalted, hamburger served sans bun, condiments, and toppings. The patty is also cooked without any seasonings like onion or garlic, both of which can be toxic for dogs. Even better, the Pup Patty is free with your purchase.

One quick veterinarian-approved message: while plain, unseasoned ground beef is a generally safe choice for dogs, large quantities of high-fat foods can make your dog sick. (In Archie's case, they can also lead to pancreas troubles. So glamorous!) When in doubt, ask your vet about drive-thru treats like this one, and limit them to very special occasions. Those occasions might include your dog's birthday, a particularly unpleasant trip to the vet, your dog's adoption anniversary, celebrating the fact that your dog is a handsome boy... ah, crud. There are simply so many occasions. Just do your best to exercise discretion.