In Chicago, Hungry Dogs Get A Drive-Thru Food Pantry, Too

Dog food is expensive. If you have a dog, even if it's just a tiny teacup pooch with a dainty appetite, you already know this. People who are out of work have a hard time buying food for themselves, let alone their pets, but it's still an awful thing to have to give up a furry or feathery family member when a new job and financial security may be just around the corner. So various organizations around the country have been hosting food banks for pets as well as humans.

The Cook County Sheriff's office in Chicago, along with Tails of Redemption program, Fetching Tails Foundation and Rescue Pack Chicago, hosted a drive-thru dog food bank this past Saturday morning, just outside the county jail on the city's near south side. The Chicago Sun-Times was there to take pictures, because who doesn't like a cute dog picture? About 200 people came with their dogs to collect food. Volunteers handed out treats, toys, and accessories to the pets, along with regular food.

"We love it because it helps out especially right now with, you know, being out of work... This one's expensive," said Jose Rodriguez, one of the humans who came to pick up food. He spends about $150 to $200 a month on his dog Gucci Rosé. "She's a spoiled brat, so a princess." (But a very cute princess.)

Also on hand was Pierre, an adorable two-year-old pit bull mix who was trained by detainees at Cook County Jail and is now up for adoption. The Sun-Times provided photos of Pierre, too, and he looks like a very, very good boy.

This was the second pet food drive hosted by the sheriff's office. There are plans for another one sometime in March.