In 2021 Whole Foods Predicts We Will Be Eating "Baby Food, All Grown Up"

Fashion trends are meaningless now that we all spend entire workdays in threadbare flannel Christmas pajamas. (Or is that just me?) But food trends—now, that's one way to communicate that you're still keeping up with what's en vogue. You're still hip. You're still with it. And you're religiously consulting the just-released Whole Foods 2021 food trend predictions report, which includes nutritional squeeze pouches and something called "epic breakfast." You can check out the entire report online; for now, here are some highlights:

"Epic Breakfast Every Day"

According to the report, working from home means that consumers are paying closer attention to the most important meal of the day. Think sous vide egg bites or luxurious weekday pancakes. Either way, heaping bowls of cereal are so 2020.

"Basics on Fire"

The report references "hot new takes on pantry staples" like sauces and pasta. Admittedly, I don't know what this one means. Does it refer to the level of spice? Or is the fiery element more about the excitement of what the report calls "reimagined classics?" It seems fire is in the eye of the beholder.

"The Mighty Chickpea"

The report predicts that consumers will soon "think beyond hummus and falafel," calling chickpeas "the new cauliflower."

"Baby Food, All Grown Up"

Squeezable, slurp-able pouches tend to hover on the gastronomic fringe—namely, as nutritional delivery devices for, um, infants. But according to the Whole Foods report, 2021 is about to be a huge year for flavorful on-the-go squeeze pouches full of good stuff like rhubarb, rosemary, and purple carrots. Good for kids, good for adults who want to stroll down the sidewalk with a pouch crammed under the protective face mask muttering, "Hey! I'm slurpin' here!"

Dive into the whole report on the Whole Foods website.