Impossible Pork Will Reign Sooie!-Preme [Updated]

Update, January 7, 2020: Our wildest speculation probably could have been reined in a bit. CNN Business reports that Impossible Foods has unveiled plant-based pork as its next venture. Impossible Pork will come in ground and sausage versions, the latter of which will soon be headed to 139 Burger King locations on a croissant breakfast sandwich.

The "pork" will be made with soy protein, just like its "beef" predecessor, and the product is largely geared toward expanding the company's market presence in Asia. With a shortage of real pork across the continent, Impossible and Beyond are both racing to fill the gap and provide protein for products like pork dumplings and noodle dishes.

So there you have it: Impossible Pork. Personally, I'm in favor of some of the guesses you threw into the comments yesterday. Impossible Spam might really hit the spot.

Original post, January 6, 2020: Last week, Impossible Foods, the company behind wildly successful meatless products like Burger King's Impossible Whopper, tweeted a tweet.

Impossible Foods? At the 53rd Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas? Announcing some "very tasty news"? The plant-based-meat-reporting world was set afire.

We have until tomorrow to throw our guesses into the ring. Business Insider is confident that the newly unveiled product will be a pork sausage, though Impossible CEO Pat Brown has also spoken recently of the company's experimentation with whole cuts: "Steak and pork chops and stuff like that." Will tomorrow's big reveal be Stuff Like That? A sausage certainly seems more replicable as a plant-based item, since encased meat doesn't have as much surface area to perfect as a big honking T-bone does. But by this time tomorrow, all shall be revealed, and we'll have to cast our gaze on the next big culinary question mark: Which fast food chain will try their hand at a spicy chicken sandwich next?