Impossible Pork Is Here, And Nearly Impossible To Get

The long-awaited product is making its American debut at only one restaurant

Rejoice, all ye lovers of plant-based meat and pork-based products, for today, Impossible Pork has entered the world! The hotly awaited faux meat will make its public debut tomorrow at David Chang's Momofuku Ssäm Bar in New York City before rolling out to restaurants across Hong Kong on October 4 and Singapore later this fall. Unfortunately, those of us not living in those three cities will have to continue enjoying Impossible Pork only in our dreams for the foreseeable future, a fact that Impossible Foods has made even more painful by sharing details of the dishes chefs are making with the pretend pork.

At Momofuku Ssäm Bar, an Impossible Pork ragu will be served atop the restaurant's famous sticky rice cakes. In Hong Kong, Chef May Chow is using it in Taiwanese "LuRou" Scotch eggs and dan dan noodles. Impossible Pork will also be on the menu at the Michelin-starred dim sum chain Tim Ho Wan, which will be offering four new signature dim sum and rice dishes at all of its Hong Kong restaurants.

Outside of fine dining, Impossible Pork will be available at Chinese fast food chain MX, which is offering and Eggplant & Impossible Pork Casserole dish at 45 locations. Sorta makes the Impossible Whopper look underwhelming in comparison, doesn't it?

God knows how long we'll have to wait to taste Impossible Pork here in the other 49 United States, but we can take solace in the fact that Impossible Foods' "chicken" nuggets are already in the process of rolling out nationwide, and those nuggets are phenomenal. While we cannot provide such assurances about the as yet untasted pork, Impossible claims that in blind taste tests involving more than 200 people in Hong Kong, plant-based pork was favored 54% to 46% over pig-based pork, and it scored higher on all attributes tested, including overall liking, appearance, flavor, and texture.

Impossible hasn't dropped any hints as to when Impossible Pork will see a wider release, nor has it mentioned if it's working on any major Impossible Whopper–style collaborations with prominent American restaurant chains. In the meantime, we will hold out hope that our dreams of an Impossible McRib aren't so impossible after all.