Impossible Foods Will Flow Like A Fake-Meat River Once Again

Early in May, news emerged that Impossible Foods (one of the companies most directly responsible for the recent boom in fast-food meatless meat) was struggling to produce enough to meet growing demand for their products. Luckily, CNN now reports that Impossible is back on track, and the flow of faux-meat will continue unabated.

In a letter to restaurant distributors, Impossible Foods president Dennis Woodside advised that orders will no longer be capped, while telling CNN that "we are definitely back in business." The company, which plans to begin putting its products in grocery stores by fall 2019, has "tripled its weekly production since March," and reportedly has further plans for production expansion before the end of the year as well.

Woodside does note that "I can't say 100% with certainty that in nine months—if there's a massive spike in demand—that we won't see some spotty shortages," which is a logical enough qualifier given the current popularity of Impossible Burgers and their burgeoning appeal to fast food chains. But even if Impossible Foods is wisely hedging its bets for the moment, it sounds a lot like they're preparing for the long haul as well. Considering that at least one top-level executive bet his physical safety on the company changing eating habits on a mass scale, we're glad to see that the company is doing the best to prepare.