Impossible Foods Is Launching A Plant-Based Restaurant

Well, sort of—the restaurant is delivery-only and the food is prepared in Dog Haus kitchens across California.

Plant-based meat sales may be falling, but that won't stop Impossible Foods from its latest endeavor: opening a plant-based restaurant of its own. Well, sort of; per Bay Area news source The Mercury News, the new initiative, called the Impossible Food Shop, will offer a delivery-only menu prepared in the kitchens of Dog Haus restaurants. But, hey, it's a start!

To be clear, the Impossible items won't be on the menu at Dog Haus, a nationwide hot dog chain that was one of the first to permanently partner with Impossible Foods way back in 2018. Impossible will just share a kitchen with Dog Haus, ghost kitchen-style.

Actually, the brand will share a kitchen with nearly 40 Dog Haus restaurants across California starting this week, opening delivery to customers across the Bay Area and Southern California. The Impossible Food Shop menu will be available for pickup or delivery via DoorDash, Postmates, Uber Eats, and Grubhub, but not dine-in.

The inaugural menu is small, showcasing just six Impossible recipes—but the menu items do sound tasty. Think Impossible chicken nuggets topped with "sticky sesame sauce" and loaded fries topped with plant-based cheese sauce and Impossible Chili.

Per the Mercury, the menu also includes four Impossible Burger variations including a Chili Cheese Shop Burger and something called the Impossible Pat-B Melt, which features an Impossible Burger, cola-caramelized onions, and plant-based cheese sauce on grilled sourdough. Finally, the menu will offer an Impossible Breakfast Sausage Burrito featuring a warm tortilla filled with Impossible Sausage, plant-based egg, tater tots, tomatoes, avocado, plant-based cheese sauce, and chipotle crema.

While I'm personally not a fan of ordering burgers and fries for delivery—they get soggy!—this is great news for my plant-based brethren. While the Impossible Food Shop is currently limited to Cali, we do have a Dog Haus near The Takeout's Chicago headquarters. Anything's possible.