Impossible... Fish?

Impossible Foods is on a roll right now. The Redwood City, California-based alternative protein company is rapidly becoming synonymous with the faux-meat boom, in no small part due to its growing prominence at fast food establishments, which has gone so well thus far that they're already racing to meet demand. Now, as you might have already assumed, Impossible is joining another growing charge: the search for fish that isn't fish.

The New York Times reports of Impossible's latest project, in which the company "has focused on the biochemistry of fish flavor, which can be reproduced using heme, the same protein undergirding its meat formula." The goal, as with their other replica meats, is to approximate both the taste and texture of fish. The company is hardly the only alt-meat purveyor to take on such a challenge, as the Times notes, but for its part, Impossible has already made it as far as "an anchovy-flavored broth made from plants."

Impossible has also been active in putting its money where its mouth is, with respect to its mission of guiding consumers away from animal-based products. So active, in fact, that according to Grist, CEO Pat Brown made a lofty promise during a recent meet-and-greet with children at the company's headquarters. While speaking with the kids about animal-based foods, he told them that—and this is not a fake quote:

Brown maintains that by 2035, humans will have begun to transition away from animals as a primary food source.

You heard it, kids: if in 15 years time you're still craving a juicy slab of steak, Pat Brown will be here to receive your thrown hands.