Illinois Governor Drinks Chocolate Milk To Illustrate A Scrumptious Lesson In Diversity

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner is on the receiving end of many Twitter wedgies today, after a clip surfaced of him drinking chocolate milk on stage and proclaiming "diversity!"

Some context: According to the Chicago Tribune, the Republican governor was attending a Black History Month event and the topic of workplace diversity came up. An executive of Hyatt Hotels, who is black, used a glass of milk and a bottle of Hershey's chocolate syrup to make a refreshingly delicious but absolutely serious metaphor. Roll video:

On the surface, it's oversimplifying an issue with a laughable visual metaphor. But as translating messages goes, it's fairly sound—plus, it makes me jones for a chocolate milk right now.

But why stop there? You see, the milk represents most American workplaces, and Hershey's syrup the delicious squirt of diversity squeezed into the wholesome but plain beverage. And when the syrup sinks to the bottom, you gotta stir things up using the spoon of opportunity, or suck out the chocolate from the straw of social progress. But that's only if you're satisfied with plain chocolate milk: How about a squeeze of LGBTQ strawberry syrup, some pureed bananas for the Asians, maybe substitute almond milk for animal rights?