IKEA Sells A Chocolate Easter Bunny—assembly Required

There are two certainties of IKEA products: You probably can't pronounce them, and they require a maddening amount of assembly. This truth applies, apparently, even to a chocolate Easter bunny.

Meet VÅRKÄNSLA, the chocolate Easter bunny IKEA has is selling this spring season. The bunny comes in three pieces which can be slotted together before eating, or just shoved into your mouth without assembly (no Allen wrench needed!). The 3-ounce bunny retails for $4.29 and contains at least 30 percent cocoa, per an IKEA spokesperson. It is only available in stores, not online, while supplies last.

VÅRKÄNSLA will hop along—that means "be discontinued," in Easter-pun speak—on June 1. There is something visually satisfying about this semiabstract design, although the pack-flat chocolate shapes mean there's no satisfying shattering when you bite into the bunny's hollow ears. If VÅRKÄNSLA is like other IKEA products, Easter morning will end with me on the floor, chocolate bits scattered around me, instruction sheet in a crumble, family in tears.