You Can Now Order A Stylish Pin To Commemorate The Time IHOP "Changed" Its "Name"

Remember back when IHOP told the world it was changing its name to IHOB, but wouldn't say why, and everyone assumed the "b" was for "breakfast," when really it stood both for "burgers" and "brazen marketing stunt"? Yeah, that was this year. It's been a long few months, friends.


The good(?) news is you can now commemorate the halcyon days of the International House Of Burgers with a stylish enamel pin!

Said pin is currently available for purchase, or for your own wish-list purposes, at, IHOP's new retail site. It's your one-stop shop for all your pancake-related apparel needs, and includes some cute holiday sweaters and a trucker hat that says "Pancakes Pancakes Pancakes," which this writer would sort of like to own. is merely the latest fast food-adjacent retail site; Taco Bell and McDonald's each have their own as well.

We must admit that this feels a bit like it is equal parts trolling and victory lap, which... fair. But we should also acknowledge that that's a pretty cute little pin, that the cheese is artfully dripped, and that the seeds on the top of the bun are subtle. That being said, the IHOB logo still looks like it's for a tampon brand, to our eyes.


If you'd like to show your appreciation to our own Kate Bernot for that time she ate all IHOP's burgers for journalism, this would be an excellent way to do just that.