Last Call: What Is The Ideal Number Of Desk Beverages?

Do you have a curiosity about other people's work desks? Maybe it's because I've worked from home for the past three years, but I am strangely intrigued by what other people keep on their work surfaces. Mine currently contains a cup of pens (actually an old tiki mug), a lamp, a legal pad where I keep my notes and to-do list, more loose papers than I'd care for, a mug of coffee, and a Ball mason jar of water.

According to The Atlantic, my desk is one short of the ideal number of desk beverages. Three is the perfect number, and because it's The Atlantic, it will tell you so in no fewer than 1,000 words.

I can sum up my rebuttal—that two is the ideal number of desk beverages—thusly: You only need water and one other beverage, either coffee or something cold. Having a water, a coffee, and a third wild card like a kombucha or soda on your desk at the same time is a lot to juggle. Your coffee is getting cold, or you're over-caffeinating, or the fizzy drink is going flat. The potential for spills increases dramatically.

But if I'm wrong, present your argument for a bevy of desk beverages below. Also, tell me the weirdest thing on your work desk.