Ice Cream Bagels?

Ice cream bagels?

Ice cream. Bagel. Ice cream sandwich. Bagel sandwich. Ice cream... bagel... sandwich?

When the iconic duo of Misters Ben and Jerry set out to start a business together, they first thought of starting a bagel shop. That's according to Zara Hall, the"Scoop Shop guru" (per Metro). Now, to celebrate 40 years of selling scoops in the Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shop in Soho, London, U.K., the shop is honoring what might have been with an invention they're calling "Ice-Ice-Bagel." (Good name.)

It's an ice cream bagel sandwich. Again, according to Metro: "Ben & Jerry's is introducing what they say is London's first ice cream bagel: a soft, chewy, Montreal-style bagel, with notes of maple syrup, topped with creamy new flavours." The bagels themselves come courtesy of Scottish bakery Bross Bagels, and will be available in their shops eventually. The bagels will be "slightly small to fit the ice cream."

Because you put the ice cream on one half of the bagel and then top it with the other half of the bagel.

There are two flavors. The first is the thematically appropriate Birthday Bagel, which according to Metro, is a pink bagel that sandwiches a new B&J offering—a concoction involving vanilla cake batter, pink frosting, strawberry swirls, cake chunks, and sprinkles. The second is the Holey Cara-moley, a "sweet but salty, lye-coated pretzel bagel" paired with double caramel brownie ice cream.

These, ah, innovations will only be available (at least for now) in that one shop, and only until September 9. U.K. readers, please go try one of these things for us, will you? We are very confused.

(H/T Bustle.)