I Want It Agave: Backstreet Boys To Launch Tequila Brand

With most of the band's original tween audience old enough to drink—for a while now—Backstreet Boys proves they've still got it goin' on for their fans, telling Tasting Table they plan to launch a tequila brand.

Discussing their beverage preferences—Kevin Richardson likes a good añejo or reposado tequila, apparently—Nick Carter told Tasting Table the band is planning a tequila venture, "[We] just need to find a partner here in Mexico."

Once they find a distiller, the former teen heartthrobs will join the ranks of other celebrities with tequila partnerships, including Sammy Hagar, Adam Levine, Justin Timberlake, George Clooney, and George Strait.

It's cool to see pop bands growing up with their fans, continuing to offer them experiences and products in line with their life stages. (They consoled me through overdramatic teen emotions with Backstreet's Back; presumably their tequila will be a balm for shitty adult life.) You heard it here first: We look forward to BSB-branded orthotics and an Ensure collab down the road.