I Scream, You Scream, Everyone Is Screaming Over Ketchup Ice Cream Inspired By Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is one of those celebrities that people love to blame for things: football stuff, soccer stuff, Game of Thrones stuff. So when an Irish ice cream place announced that they were creating a ketchup-flavored ice cream to honor the ketchup-loving pop star, of course everyone got riled:

But come on, people, Ed Sheeran didn't ask for this to happen! Gelati, the ice cream joint in question, created this thing, and we have absolutely no proof the Grammy-winner called them and said, "Listen, mates"—he's British—"can you whip me up some ketchup-flavored ice cream so I can have a bite while I'm in Dublin? Ta."

Sheeran does have a Heinz logo tattooed on his arm, however, which is what prompted Gelati to go ahead and do the thing:

Per the New York Daily News, the ice cream is "made with real ketchup before being topped with more of the tomato-based spread." Michael O' Dowd, Gelati's owner, told People that it took them awhile to master the recipe, noting that due to the salt, "it would melt straight away."

Sheeran hasn't been in to sample the flavor, according to the Daily News; one assumes that's probably because it's ketchup ice cream. But who knows? Weirder things have been tastier. Gelati also offers a Gin & Tonic sorbet, which is probably pretty good. If it isn't, maybe we should blame Jackie O.?

One more for the road: