Hurricane Florence Quickly Depleting Food Banks' Supplies

Despite preparedness efforts, Hurricane Florence's landfall has already resulted in some unfortunate shortages. CNN reports that "Carolina food banks, already short on supplies, are in desperate need of donations." It explains that many food banks and pantries have closed because they are located in evacuation zones. CNN notes that this extends the shortage to other suppliers like the Harvest Hope Food Bank, which has found its inventory strained because of Florence. Even with donations, the food banks are worried about feeding first responders, stranded people, and shelters after the storm: "What we have in our warehouse right now after this storm will probably only last two days."

If you'd like to help, Google is currently matching foundations to the American Red Cross dollar for dollar, up to $1 million (you can give $10 by texting "FLORENCE" to 90999). CNN notes that GoFundMe has verified "this campaign for Task Force 75, a team of veterans that have brought boats and supplies to Wilmington, North Carolina to help with search and rescue operations for both people and animals." And Quartz offers a helpful list of a number of Florence-related non-profits, along with the caveat that relief efforts and supply needs will likely go on for a while, even after the storm passes. FEMA stresses, "Recovery lasts much longer than today. There will be volunteer needs for many months, and years, after the disaster."