For A Toddler-Approved Breakfast, Try Speckled Eggies

Welcome back for another installment of Tot Chef, The Takeout's fine dining program led by our esteemed in-house culinary expert. In her 20 months on this planet, she has certainly learned a thing or two about food, like the best methods for commanding one's kitchen (a combination of shrieking and squealing) or how to extract the most flavor from your berries (by smashing them against your face in the general vicinity of your mouth). Today, our Tot Chef will be tackling a deceptively simple dish—she's going to share her secret for a perfect plate of eggies. We hope this week's episode inspires you to make your own eggies at home.

Note: If you find that eating these with a fork is entirely too complicated, Chef can confirm that they're just as delicious when pinched between the fingers and eaten straight from one's hand.