Welcome To Tot Chef, Where We Cook A Meal So Easy A Baby Could Do It

Meet The Takeout's esteemed Tot Chef. She's 20 months old, she's got countless weeks of fine motor skill development under her belt, and she leads her kitchen with uncompromising precision. Now, for the first time, she has agreed to let our camera crew document her meticulous process in order to serve our readers a new series of instructional cooking videos.

Our esteemed chef is nothing if not experienced, having staged in such prestigious locations as Grandma's House and the Little Tikes Kitchen. Thanks to her culinary vision, you'll be treated to a whole host of simple, elegant meals crafted from a variety of soft, sweet, and easily digestible foods—though she has also benevolently included some recipes suitable for those with far more teeth than her. On today's menu: Avocado Toast, a perfect introduction to the principles of toddler cooking. We hope you enjoy Tot Chef.