How Quickly Will My Grocery Haul Spoil?

The biggest question everyone asks now after returning home from the grocery store—tired and frazzled after trying to maintain social distance in narrow aisles while simultaneously maneuvering a cart and checking off items on a grocery list—is, how long before I have to do this again?

Fortunately, The Guardian has produced a handy guide to how long it takes for 17 different food items to go bad, and how to tell. (Hint: the date on the package is not always the best indication.) In most cases, you can trust your nose: if something smells bad, it will also taste bad. But there are some fun tricks, like this one for eggs: if it floats in water, like a witch, it's gone bad. As for your precious yeast, keep it sealed in an airtight container in a dark, cool place, and it'll last until we have a COVID-19 vaccine.