Try To Guess How Many MTN DEW Flavors There Are

When it comes to high-octane beverages, we’re truly spoiled for choice.

I appreciate a delicious novelty soda pop as much as the next sugar-loving ding-dong, but I don't spend a ton of time in the supermarket's soda aisle. That's why I shrugged when Takeout associate editor Brianna Wellen posed a question: How many flavors of MTN DEW are there, exactly?

The question came after MTN DEW Purple Thunder made its debut, followed shortly by the release of MTN DEW Spark and the upcoming return of MTN DEW Typhoon, the latter of which was announced today.

"I mean, it's one soda brand," I scoffed in my best Lucille Bluth impression. "How many varieties could there be?"

Reader, the answer is: 32. If we count Typhoon, which makes its return on June 1, there are currently 32 dadgum flavors of MTN DEW. That's so many. With that, I'd like to review the sheer abundance of high-octane, hummina-hummina, toxic-sludge-tinted flavors MTN DEW currently has to offer. Why? Because knowledge is power, my friends. If extraterrestrials invade and demand to sample humankind's most impressive beverages, you can be their guide. Behold, the current MTN DEW canon, in its entirety.

MTN DEW flavors sold in grocery stores

To understand the depths of MTN DEW's in-store offerings, you must look beyond the snot-green hue of classic DEW. Depending on your grocery store of choice, you can also score flavors like Major Melon and MTN DEW Spark, a new member of the DEW fam said to resemble raspberry lemonade. (Yes. I want it.) Certain grocery stores also carry MTN DEW's line of Kickstart energy drinks.


If you're looking for a specific flavor, check out the brand's store locator. In the meantime, below is a full list of all MTN DEW flavors available at grocery stores:

  • MTN DEW Zero Sugar
  • MTN DEW Real Sugar
  • MTN DEW Diet Caffeine Free
  • MTN DEW Amp Original
  • MTN DEW Flamin' Hot
  • MTN DEW Spark Zero Sugar
  • MTN DEW Spark
  • MTN DEW Major Melon Zero Sugar
  • MTN DEW Major Melon
  • MTN DEW Code Red
  • MTN DEW Live Wire
  • MTN DEW Voltag
  • MTN DEW Kickstart Black Cherry
  • MTN DEW Kickstart Fruit Punch
  • MTN DEW Kickstart Midnight Grape
  • MTN DEW Kickstart Orange Citrus
  • MTN DEW Kickstart Pineapple Orange Mango
  • MTN DEW Kickstart Raspberry Citrus

MTN DEW flavors sold via exclusive partnerships

Some of the very best DEW flavors resulted from exclusive partnerships with other brands. Take Baja Blast, which debuted at Taco Bell before taking the nation by storm. There's also my beloved Purple Thunder, which is currently sold exclusively at Circle K convenience stores. MTN DEW's exclusive partnerships are as follows:

  • MTN DEW Purple Thunder, sold at Circle K
  • MTN DEW Baja Blast, sold at Taco Bell
  • MTN DEW Sweet Lightning, sold at KFC
  • MTN DEW Legend, sold at Buffalo Wild Wings
  • MTN DEW Frost Bite, sold at Walmart
  • MTN DEW Maui Burst, sold at Dollar General
  • MTN DEW Thrashed Apple, sold at Kroger

Online-only MTN DEW flavors

Finally, there's MTN DEW Game Fuel, a selection of gamer-inspired flavors available only through the MTN DEW online store:

  • MTN DEW Game Fuel Cherry Burst
  • MTN DEW Game Fuel Berry Blast
  • MTN DEW Game Fuel Original Dew
  • MTN DEW Game Fuel Tropical Spike
  • MTN DEW Game Fuel Orange Storm
  • MTN DEW Typhoon (see below)
  • Per a press release sent to The Takeout, MTN DEW Typhoon will join Game Fuel as an online-only product. Typhoon will launch on the brand's website on June 1.


    There you have it. All 32 of MTN DEW's current innovations. Like all of God's children, these 32 flavors are each beautiful and unique. You might not taste them all—you might not even sample half of them—but there's something comforting about the sheer variety on today's DEW scene. Wherever you go, there's a DEW waiting to spike your blood sugar in the best way.