Well, Somebody Drew A Gun Over The Sold-Out Popeyes Sandwich

For most of the last week, The Takeout staff has wondered what the logical closure point would be for the saga of the Popeyes chicken sandwich. After some chippy Tweets led to millions in unpaid advertising, the sandwich was briefly able to take popular culture by storm. Sadly, it's since been taken off the menu entirely while the company waits for supply to once again meet demand. And yet, the sandwich madness continues unabated.

The guy filing a lawsuit over the sandwich's unavailability felt like it might be the final straw int he saga, but still we waited for the true, logical, and probably depressing conclusion.

And sure enough, here it is: A group of people at a Houston Popeyes drive-thru allegedly flashed a gun at Popeyes employees after being told that the sandwich was sold out. The Houston Chronicle recounts the incident, in which police were called to the location after a group of men and women allegedly threatened the location's employees over news of the sandwich being unavailable. A police lieutenant's statement notes that "When the manager told them they were out, one of the males became upset and pulled a pistol and demanded a chicken sandwich." Other local news outlets allege that a baby was present as well, left in the car during the altercation, and security cameras are currently being reviewed in order to identify the suspects. This is all terrible.

It's almost impossible to search for fast food news in a given day without being met by stories of hourly employees being berated, disrespected, threatened, and even attacked for simply showing up to work. Just over a month ago, somebody fired a gun in a McDonald's over cold fries. The Takeout bangs this drum with relative frequency, but once again: Please, please, be good to fast food workers. Their job is far harder than the reputation or the pay ever seems to suggest, and that's all before somebody decides to violently escalate a dispute over food.