"Hot Servers Wanted": Restaurant Apologizes For Coupon Typo

Copy editors matter, and news stories like this one no doubt leave them feeling the tiniest bit smug. The owner of Denim Byob, a restaurant in Haddonfield, New Jersey, wrote an apology on Instagram this week after accidentally mailing out 30,000 coupons that said "Hot Servers Wanted."

According to chef and owner David Murray, the coupon was supposed to say "Holiday Servers Wanted," and he simply read too quickly as he was proofreading the copy from his phone. "Hopefully everyone gets a laugh out of this and understands that this was not some obscene publicity stunt," he said.

You have to wonder, though, whether "Hot Servers Wanted" was an honest mistake on the part of the coupon designer, or whether it was slipped in as a prank. Either way, Murray doesn't place blame on anyone but himself, ending his post with "#humbled."