Boy Who Took School ID Photo In A Hot Dog Costume Gets 16th Minute Of Fame [Updated]

Update, October 31, 2019: Jake Arsenault, aka viral hot dog costume boy, is reveling in his newfound internet fame. The middle school student from Maine recently caught a ride to the movies with friends courtesy of one of the official Oscar Mayer Wienermobiles. His father tells USA Today that Jake's been recognized as "the hot dog boy" in public since his photo went viral.

Original story, October 24, 2019: On its face, this is a simple story about a boy, his family, and a hot dog costume. But like a Walla Walla onion or a blooming peony, its layers peel away to reveal a sweet, deep core within.

First, the basics, courtesy of News Center Maine: Jake Arsenault attends Biddeford Intermediate School in Biddeford, Maine. On the day of scheduled photos for school IDs, Arsenault's parents dared him to wear a hot dog costume. He did. The school allowed it. Here is the result, courtesy of his father Craig Arsenault's Facebook:

We couldn't be happier either, Craig. This story, though brief, deserves much praise. First, the Arsenault family of Biddeford, Maine, just seems rad. Goofy parents who don't take themselves too seriously seem to raise kids who can also laugh at themselves and enjoy a good hot-dog-related joke. Secondly, golf claps for the Biddeford Intermediate School, which could have gone full DMV and made young Jake remove all hats, glasses, and hot dog costumes, but instead decided to roll with the hot dog costume because the world could always use more joy. Snaps also to the local news stations that picked up Craig's Facebook post and spread this joy far and wide.

Lastly and most importantly, a full standing ovation for young Jake Arsenault, who not only has a great sense of humor, but has an adorable smile, too. Great job, Jake. This combination of gumption, looks, and hot dogs is just what America needs from its elected officials. You heard it here first: Jake Arsenault 2044.