The Takeout's 2021 Holiday Cookie Contest: Send Us Your Best Recipes

Our 2021 Holiday Cookie Contest is underway, and we need your entries.

Update, December 2, 2021: This is your final chance to submit your recipes to The Takeout's 2021 Holiday Cookie Contest! Entries are due tomorrow, Friday, December 3, at 11:59 p.m. Central.

See info below on how to enter. We look forward to reading your submissions!


Original post, November 12, 2021: It's that time again. Time to show off your baking skills, your technical prowess, your refrigerator drawers full of butter and cream cheese. It's time to submit your recipes for The Takeout's 2021 Holiday Cookie Contest, which is accepting entries from now until December 3.

The contest is open to all readers, of all skill levels in the kitchen. As someone who almost exclusively brings three-ingredient crowdpleasers to any potluck, I know the power of a simple recipe executed well. Your recipe doesn't have to be fancy or complex or show-stopping to be considered. It just needs to work.

We want to read your original cookie recipes. Something you've invented yourself, or at least a tried-and-true recipe that you've put your own original spin on that's worth sharing with the masses. No Toll House cookie recipe that you swiped off the back of the chocolate chip bag, got it?


Here's how it works: We'll be accepting submissions from now until Friday, December 3. Our team will evaluate the recipes, voting on the most intriguing and original ones, then putting the finalists to the test. We'll announce a winner in mid-December, and the recipe will be published on The Takeout for all to enjoy. Winner receives not only bragging rights valid for one (1) year, but also a small prize.

How to enter

  • Email your recipe to with the subject line "Holiday Cookie Contest."
  • Share a few words about where the recipe came from and why you like it. If you have a photo of the finished product, all the better! We want the full story of your cookie.
  • Submit by Friday, December 3 at 11:59 p.m. Central.
  • It's going to be hard to beat last year's winning cookie, the Chocolate Thai Peanut Butter Cookie (pictured above). But we have faith in you, Takeout readers! Spread the word!