Hipsters, Rejoice: Pabst Blue Ribbon Cannabis Seltzer Is Here

I love Pabst Blue Ribbon so freaking much that I've been sober for over five years. I love cannabis, because it calms the shrieks of incredulous terror that are constantly pinging around inside my brain. Finally, these two great loves of mine have melded together to form one glorious krunked-up concoction: Pabst Blue Ribbon Cannabis Infused Seltzer. I'm a little disappointed that this isn't a more fun/less vomity version of the lager that, according to a press release, has been "synonymous with good times for over 175 years" (and how!), but I'm happy with any product that helps normalize cannabis use in general, especially one made by a brand that's been around since the Tyler administration.

The seltzer is being produced by Los Angeles–based Pabst Labs, founded by a group of former Pabst employees and cannabis beverage experts and given the exclusive rights to produce drinks under the Pabst Blue Ribbon name. The seltzer is described as "delicious" and "effervescent," which is exactly the sort of thing I want from a seltzer, so bully to you, Pabst Labs! Each can contains only 5mg of THC, so if you're new to cannabis, you'll be absolutely fine. You'll probably feel all the tension in your neck and back go away and then spend a lot of time debating whether or not you should go to Taco Bell.

The seltzer is currently in the test launch phase, with a small quantity available at select California dispensaries, and via delivery in L.A., Sacramento, Humboldt County, and the SF Bay Area. Pabst Labs says there's already new flavors in development, so, you know, something to look forward to in the future. Cannabis really does give us so much, including hope for a more effervescent future.