Hidden Valley Ranch Donates $2,000 To Ranch-Trolling Dallas Pizzeria

One of the first things you see when you walk into Cane Rosso, a pizzeria in Dallas, is a framed sign that reads "Side of Delicious Ranch Dressing $1,000.00" and a small wall-mounted curio cabinet that contains a bottle of Hidden Valley Ranch dressing. Both are the work of owner Jay Jerrier, who can't understand why anyone would ever want to put ranch on their pizza.

"It's obviously a bit; I don't hate ranch dressing," Jerrier told The Dallas Morning News. "But when we found out it really pissed people off, we kept it going. It's basically a master-level troll."

Over the years, several organizations have taken Cane Rosso up on its offer, and the pizzeria has donated the money to charity.

But now that the governor of Texas has ordered all restaurants to close their dining rooms due to COVID-19 and Dallas County has issued a shelter in place ruling and Cane Rosso seems poised to see a precipitous drop in business, Hidden Valley Ranch has decided it's time to purchase not one, but two sides of Delicious Ranch Dressing.

Cane Rosso plans to use the money to deliver pizza to people who need it, the Morning News reports.

As a sign of gratitude, Jerrier also planned to send Hidden Valley Ranch two bottles of dressing—not that the company needs it, but it's the principle of the thing—but when he sent his chief marketing officer to the grocery stores (yes, plural), he couldn't find any. Well, it's the thought that counts.