Hey Ed Begley, Jr., Is A Hot Dog A Sandwich?

Ed Begley, Jr. is a delight, on screen and off. Summon a performance of his to mind—A Mighty Wind, Arrested Development, Pineapple Express, Better Call Saul, Batman freakin' Forever, the list goes on—and odds are, your day just improved a little. An actor who somehow combines absurdity, gentleness, a world-class deadpan, and unbeatable timing with a knack for keeping even the silliest performances in the realm of the real, Begley has been a mainstay of comedic ensembles (and the odd drama, like Six Feet Under) for decades. If I didn't have to write a second paragraph in this intro, I'd go watch one of his scenes in Pineapple Express right now.

Aw hell, let's do it anyway.

So good.

Now he's returned to TV as a part of the cast of ABC's Bless This Mess, and he (along with Pam Grier, a potential love interest!) is the standout. For more about that particular show, and for another important perspective on the issue of the age, click below for a brief conversation with his co-star.

In short, I love Ed Begley, Jr., and so I asked him if a hot dog is a sandwich.

The Takeout: Is a hot dog a sandwich?

Ed Begley, Jr.: That's a good question! Let me think.

TO: By all means.

[A brief pause. He really thinks.]

EBJ: A hot dog—a veggie dog, for me—is a sandwich because it's a meal and it's between two pieces of bread. Yes. I say, a hot dog is a sandwich.

TO: And whether those two pieces of bread are linked or not doesn't matter?

EBJ: That's interesting. No, I think if you've got something between two pieces of bread, linked or not, it's a sandwich. Maybe you could call it a pita. In that case, I'm not sure.

TO: So, maybe a pita, maybe a sandwich.

EBJ: Yes.