Hey Chelsea Peretti, Is A Hot Dog A Sandwich?

First, the good news: Brooklyn Nine-Nine will be back any minute! After an unexpected cancellation by Fox, a less-unexpected outpouring of fan support, and a heartening pickup by NBC, it returns Thursday. Amazing, right?


Second, the bad news:

We will keep asking this question, but Gina Linetti has spoken. Gina is "confident, idiotic-but-smart, and infused with rhythm and cellphone radiation." If this were an episode of the Nine-Nine, her word would be the final one, because Gina is almost always right. So here's what the woman who brings her to life has to say about hot dogs.


The Takeout: Is a hot dog a sandwich?

Chelsea Peretti: Is this a trick question?

TO: No.

CP: Well, then no, I don't believe so, I think because the bread is attached on one side of the bun. I mean, would you call a burger a sandwich?

TO: Maybe?

CP: No! It's its own genre.

TO: Works for me.

CP: Are you from Hot Dog Weekly?

TO: No?

CP: Too bad.