Hey Beanie Feldstein, Is A Hot Dog A Sandwich?

"Delight" is a word that gets overused by many, and particularly by me, an easily delighted person who aspires to be delightful from time to time. But damn it all to hell, there's no better word to use here: Beanie Feldstein is a delight.


That was true in Lady Bird, in which she played Julie, the long-suffering best friend to Saoirse Ronan's titular role. It was true in the Tony-winning revival of Hello, Dolly!, in which she played the endearing Minnie Fay. It's true in FX's What We Do In The Shadows, which ends its first season tonight. And good lord, is it true in Booksmart.

The A.V. Club's Katie Rife calls Booksmart "hilarious, heartfelt, and horny," adding that Feldstein is "a brilliant comedic performer whose expressive face and explosive energy have the power to make any scene funnier." Booksmart marks Olivia Wilde's directorial debut; It arrived theaters this weekend, making it a top-tier candidate for your Memorial Day movie of the year.


I asked Feldstein, a delight, our go-to question. Here's her answer.

The Takeout: Is a hot dog a sandwich?

Beanie Feldstein: Is a hot dog... a sandwich?

TO: Yes.

BF: No!

TO: Okay, why is it not a sandwich?

BF: Because it's its own thing! It's a separate food category.

TO: Okay, simple enough! Thank you.

BF: That was unexpected.