Hey Angela Kinsey, Is A Hot Dog A Sandwich?

Long before we approached Angela Kinsey—most famously as the cat-hoarding, party-planning Angela Martin on NBC's remake of The Office—it turns out Kinsey had already pondered this very important/stupid question about sandwich-construction.


About a month ago, Kinsey was attending a soccer game for one of her kids, where she proceeded to purchase a hot dog and posed to her 1 million Instagram followers whether or not a hot dog was a sandwich.

Many would chime in on Kinsey's Instagram feed, which she described to The Takeout as "very passionate." But what was not made clear was where Kinsey stood. Kinsey is out promoting Club Crackers—enjoy your plug, Kellogg's!—which is how we got to talk to the actress/comedian/hot dog enthusiast to clarify matters.

The Takeout: Is a hot dog a sandwich?

Angela Kinsey: My family and I have gone in depth into this conversation. There have been heated debates in our kitchen about it. I agree with my daughter, and here's her argument: Everyone who says it's a sandwich say there's meat between two pieces of bread, right? And the people who say it's not a sandwich will say it doesn't have lettuce, you don't put mayonnaise, the bread's connected. But then she said: "I don't think it's a sandwich, mom, because of the way you eat it. You eat a sandwich by biting into the middle. And with a hot dog you're biting from one end to another, and therefore it's not a sandwich." And you know what, that kinda makes sense for me.


TO: So what about sub sandwiches?

AK: I knew you're gonna go there—cheesesteaks, hoagies, whatnot. Both those are the kinds of sandwiches you bite into and they fall apart. Those sandwiches have multiple toppings. I think with hot dogs there's two things here: 1) You don't eat it like a traditional sandwich, and 2) There's not as many toppings, and therefore I think a hot dog is in a category all to itself.