Hershey's Has Solved Its Kisses-Missing-Tips Problem

It all started with members of a baking group on Facebook, who in December sounded the alarm that the Hershey's Kisses they'd been unwrapping of late had their iconic tips broken off. Theories abounded as to why the peaks had broken off, and Hershey's quickly responded to media outlets including The Takeout to say that the company was "working to improve the appearance." Now, the confectioner says it's solved the issue, and Kisses' tips should be structurally sound once again.

Hershey's CEO Michele Buck told CNBC "We looked at the entire Kiss manufacturing process, and we made some adjustments to shaping the tips to allow us to have greater consistency." Buck declined to elaborate on what caused the broken-tip issue in the first place, but assures Kisses fans that manufacturing changes have been made to ensure the problem is rectified.

The changes won't go into effect immediately though; CNBC reports there will still be a period in which customers may find tipless Kisses on shelves. Interestingly, the company itself seems to acknowledge that this was the case, posting a holiday graphic on Twitter that showed its signature candy with broken-off tops. Rest assured though, this aggression will not stand and Hershey's Kisses will return to their fully tipped splendor soon.