Hershey's New Oat Milk Chocolate Bars Are Totally Vegan

The new bars are available online and in several stores, including Target.

I'm a little embarrassed to admit how much I like oat milk. The trendiest of the non-dairy milks has become something of a meme, sort of a yuppie hipster hallmark in the coffee scene. But the stuff is undeniably creamy, way more so than any other milk alternatives I've tried. That makes oat milk a great addition to coffee—and now, to chocolate as well: Hershey's has just released limited-edition oat milk chocolate bars in the US.

Per Thrillist, the new "plant-based chocolate confections" are part of a "very limited test release." They're also the first instance of Hershey shimmying into the vegan scene. And not only are the bars dairy-free; they're also non-GMO and made with Rainforest Alliance Certified cocoa.

It's all part of Hershey's new "better for you" (BFY) initiative, which began in February. When the brand announced the campaign earlier this year, it vowed to "expand its future portfolio to deliver more reduced sugar, organic and plant-based alternatives while also continuing to build its classic array of beloved products."

If you've been paying attention, you know that brands are dropping BFY products like hot cakes. Some of the new products are pretty goofy; after all, if I'm craving a chocolate bar, I'm going whole hog and ignoring the sugar contents. No need for BFY desserts over here, thank you! But I can certainly get behind more vegan-friendly alternatives in the mainstream candy scene. And these chocolate bars sound genuinely tasty, with two flavors to choose from: classic Dark Chocolate and Extra Creamy Almond & Sea Salt.

Per the CandyHunting Instagram page, both bars are now available in several stores, including Target. While the bars are currently part of the aforementioned "very limited test release," they may very well become part of the permanent Hershey's lineup when the test release ends in June 2022.