Hey, Some Happy News: Hero Chick-Fil-A Employee Saves Choking Customer's Life

Determined as we are to find some feel-good stories to wrap up this hell week, we were happy to find this tale of a hometown hero at a Chick-Fil-A in Austin, Texas. When an elderly diner began choking in the restaurant, another customer quickly started giving him the Heimlich maneuver. When that failed to dislodge the food obstructing his windpipe, employee Hunter Harris (son of franchise owner Jamie Harris) sprung into action, applying the maneuver until the errant piece of food popped out and the man could breathe again. The customer then went back to his eating his dinner.

As the modest yet heroic Hunter told Inside Edition, he had done the same thing for a coworker a few months ago. His dad told CBS News that his son is now known around the Chuck-Fil-A as the "Heimlich whisperer." We're just resting a little easier knowing there's at least one Good Samaritan out there: Good job, Hunter!