Hero Beer Deliverymen Help Talk Man Off Ledge With 12 Pack

Today is Friday, and it marks the end of another craptastic week. Aretha Franklin is dead. Wildfires continue to rage in California. Then there are the other catastrophes pushed off the front page—300 dead in monsoon!—because so much other catastrophes are happening.


Let us, then, bring you some happy news as respite. News that make you realize there's still good in people.

From Twin Cities TV station KMSP comes this story of two humble beer deliverymen making their usual rounds this week. On Wednesday, they encountered a man standing on a ledge, hanging onto a fence overlooking Interstate 94 in St. Paul. The beer deliverymen sensed the man was about to jump.

So what do they do? They stopped, and spent the next hour trying to talk the man down. One of the deliverymen, Kwame Anderson, told the St. Paul Pioneer Press that he tried empathizing with the man, how he too grew up in a rough neighborhood and made something of himself. Then Anderson grabbed a 12-pack of Coors Light from his truck to try luring the man to safety. It worked. The man walked back and was taken to a medical facility for examination. Police praised the beer deliverymen as good samaritans.


Kwame Anderson is also an aspiring comedian. For his act of valor, let's get him some YouTube clicks. It's the least we can do.