Hero Bakery Truck Driver Gives Away Cakes During Snowy Traffic Jam

You may have heard that Europe is getting slammed that by a Siberian winter storm, which is bringing large and unusual amounts of snow to regions that don't usually see that much snow, if at all. So it's not too surprising that a winter-related traffic jam led some U.K. motorists to be stuck for hours on the A1.

Fortunately, sometimes Good Samaritans pop up when you least expect them to. Yahoo! News reports that Les Goff, a mechanical engineer from Leeds, had left his car and was trying to figure out the cause of the crash when he came across Jon Gowing, who was driving a large truck from U.K. bakery retailer Greggs. (Yahoo! also notes that Goff is a guitar technician for the band The Pigeon Detectives, which is yet another excellent detail of this story.)

Gowing requested that Goff help him delivery his truck's contents to the many drivers stuck in the snow. The Yahoo News story quotes Goff as saying, "I was walking back down the hill when I saw the Greggs guy at the back with the tail-lift and he just said 'Do you want some cakes'? He asked me to take some to the other drivers and he walked up the traffic and I walked down the traffic with doughnuts, vanilla slices, and cakes, handing them out."

While you might worry that in today's corporate climate that this generous act would cause the driver to be fired (as many Twitter followers did), fortunately the opposite is true. A company spokesperson stated, "We are incredibly proud of Jon and his act of kindness in what must have been a very tough situation for him and all the other poor people stuck on the A1 in this cold weather. We hope that his kind gesture was able to help make everyone's day a little bit better." And here we thought the Papa John's prank phone call was going to be our feel-good story of the day.