Here Are The Foods America Has Been Stocking Up On Most

Is Dinky-Di dog food any good? Will Taco Bell emerge victorious from the impending fast food wars? Luckily, these aren't questions we've yet had to ask ourselves in our time of uncertainty. Nevertheless, American cuisine is changing thanks to social distancing, and now we have Nielsen data that illustrates how the grocery landscape has already changed in one week. Here are some of the items that saw significant sales increases in the first week of March, compared to the same week in 2019:

  • Oat milk: +347.3%
  • Fresh meat alternatives: +206.4%
  • Powdered milk products: +126.3%
  • Dried beans: +62.9%
  • Canned meat: +57.9%
  • Rice: +57.5%
  • Chickpeas/garbanzos: +47.3%
  • Water: +42%
  • Black beans: +41%
  • Tuna: +31.2%
  • Pretzels: +14.8%
  • Kombucha: +10.1%
  • Stay tuned for future recipes on The Takeout┬álike "Tuna Kombucha Soup" and "Fresh Meat Alternative Casserole with Crispy Pretzel Crust."