Here Are Some More Fun International Coffee Recipes To Play With

Yes, yes, we know, dalgona coffee is so early pandemic. The naysayers have come, the naysayers have gone, and the Instagram influencers have moved on to peanut butter milk and pancake cereal. But many of us still need our morning and afternoon coffee, so National Geographic has compiled a list of more international coffee styles to try out at home. (Not Greek frappes, but we've got you here.)

We'd already heard of egg coffee, but several other items on this list were new to us, including kopi cham, a mixture of coffee and tea from Malaysia; café de olla, a Mexican coffee brewed with cinnamon and brown sugar (which requires a special pot, alas); and mazagran, a sort of cold brew-lemonade hybrid from Algeria. I'm especially curious to try the latter because I can't imagine what this would taste like—or, more accurately, how a mixture of lemon juice and coffee could possibly taste like anything besides acid mixed with more acid. If anyone has tried it, please let us know.