Heinz Will Change Your Super Bowl Flights For 57 Cents

We've all made impulse purchases online. Mine are usually sweaters, because I'm boring and I love sweaters. But apparently there are people who swing way bigger than I do while online shopping and bought Super Bowl LIV tickets only to find their teams didn't make it. Is that you? Well, great news: Heinz wants to send you somewhere, anywhere else.

Heinz—yep, as in the ketchup—is offering to reroute any Miami-bound flights this weekend for just 57 cents. That number, of course, refers to its "57 varieties" slogan, which the company has used since the 19th century. Your flights must have been purchased before January 15, must be scheduled to arrive between January 29 and February 2, and must be on a domestic airline. Oh, and did you save money by booking flights into Fort Lauderdale? Tough luck; you've got to be flying into Miami International for Heinz to cover your impulse purchase. If you meet those requirements and your team is neither the San Francisco 49ers nor the Kansas City Chiefs, you can enter to win a 57-cent flight right here.

Heinz also teased what they're calling a Super Bowl promo on Twitter: a graphic of a tomato vine erupting from a 50-yard line. It is absolutely inscrutable, frankly. But if the condiment gods are sending you to Turks and Caicos instead of Florida, I guess you'll have no choice but to stan.