Mayochup Has An Even Better Name In The U.K.

It's no surprise from the public that gave the world Boaty McBoatface, but Heinz's mayonnaise-ketchup hybrid, Mayochup, has an even more glorious name in the U.K.

Saucy Sauce.

Yes, the Boaty of McBoatface of condiments has debuted overseas and frankly, we're jealous Heinz put all its creative energies into naming the U.K. version. According to The Independent, mayochup was already trademarked in Europe (it's unclear by which company).


In other hybrid condiment naming news, one Dennis A. Perry of Louisiana has held the trademark for "metchup" since 2007, a word he uses to describe his mayo-ketchup sauce. In January, he sued Heinz, alleging Mayochup is too close to the metchup he's sold since 2010.

Again, we think Heinz would have been better off going with Saucy Sauce in the U.S., too.