Heinz Has A New Line Of Ketchup Accessories, If That's Your Thing

It's no secret that we live in a divided country, and of all the things we Americans fiercely disagree on, there perhaps is no topic more controversial than ketchup. Back in February The Takeout published what we thought was a rather innocent Point/Counterpoint on whether ketchup belongs on burgers, and dear God, the comments! There was name calling, ketchup shaming, and derogatory language. I know tensions are exceptionally high right now, but we've all got to try to calm down, think rationally, and realize that ketchup isn't the existential bogeyman some people think it is. Ketchup is a fine condiment! I might not like it on hot dogs, but I can't think of a single better substance to pair with McDonald's French fries. Everything has its place, and we need to learn to come together over ketchup, because in the perfect world, there is room for all condiments. (Even mayonnaise.)

For ketchup lovers looking to ignite a mighty social revolution, there now exists a whole new line of accessories to broadcast one's support for the divisive condiment. Heinz has announced an exclusive collaboration with CASETiFY that features a line of phone cases, grip stands, and UV sanitizers emblazoned with the iconic Heinz logo. The collection does not launch until National Ketchup Day (or simply "June 5" to you non-believers), but the waitlist—that's right, there's a waitlist—opened up for registrations this morning. The full line of products has not yet been posted on the website, but according to the preview, you'll be able to score a ketchupy phone case for around $50. If that's too pricey, maybe something a little less flashy and only half the cost might suit you better?