Man Opens Can Of Baked Beans, Finds Just A Single Bean

An Englishman opened a can of Heinz baked beans for his supper Tuesday evening presumably hoping to enjoy, you know, beans. What he got instead was a single bean floating in a bowlful of bean juice. Because this is the 21st century, he took a video of the sad spectacle and shared it with his 189 Twitter followers and tagged Heinz.

Now he has made international news, received an apology from Heinz, and been enshrined (if only briefly) on Wikipedia. Isn't life on the Internet glorious?

Steve Smith, the victim of the defective bean can, says he has no hard feelings. "I thought it was funny–but annoying," he told the Independent. "It was the last tin we had in the cupboard."

Instead, Smith had to make do with scrambled eggs.

Heinz was concerned:

There's been no word about whether others have experienced the same bean tragedy or what Heinz plans to do about it or if this is a precursor to the food shortages predicted under Brexit.

Smith, a member of the Bristol city council, joked to the Sun that "I've had more interest on this than in any of the actual issues I've worked on as a councillor."