Heartless Pizzamaker Withholds Pizza-In-Bed Box From Needy Masses

Every once in awhile an invention comes along that makes you wonder how on earth such a thing didn't exist already. This pizza box is one such marvel, and we are being denied this treasure.

Canadian pizza chain Boston Pizza, working with creative agency st. john, designed a pizza box that converts into a little pizza-in-bed tray (H/T High Snobiety). Having developed this remarkable piece of foldable technology, they decided to use it for a Father's Day promotion, and the sucker was only available for six days. It wasn't even an option for the masses for those six days, and instead was awarded to a handful of lucky commenters on a promotional video (which you'll find below).

Here's some more info on what you definitely can't have:

"It's a simple idea, but a lot of thinking went into making sure it would actually work," adds Paul Little, Creative Director at john st., the agency who helped Boston Pizza create the limited edition box. "There were a lot of factors to consider. It had to be high enough to fit over a person's legs and low enough to comfortably eat off of. We had to compensate for the average depth someone sinks into a bed versus the average leg width, average pizza weight, the list goes on and on." Little continues, "It sounds ridiculous, but knowing some lucky people are going to be able to comfortably eat pizza in bed makes it all worth it."

Does it make it all worth it, Paul Little? Does it?

To have a company develop such an item, and then to withhold it, not just from Americans to whom the delicacies of the Boston Pizza chain are unknown, but to all those not fortunate enough to come up with a pithy dad-related comment over the course of six sorry days in June?

That is the unkindest cut of all.