We All Need This Heart-Shaped Cake

Just in time for Valentine's Day, Crabby Cakes in Portland, Texas, near Corpus Christi, has something really special for all the horror lovers, nurses, and transplant patients out there: an anatomical heart cake.

Baker Jessica Wolfe posted a video of the cake on Crabby Cakes' Facebook page last week and it quickly went viral, racking up more than a million views in less than a week:

The cake itself is red velvet with marshmallow fondant, it's large enough to feed five people, and it costs $70, but the important part is Wolfe's exquisite hand-painted decoration.

Wolfe told The Dallas Morning News that she's a huge horror fan. "There is a lot more to do artistically with that sort of stuff." She made the heart cake last weekend. ""I was trying to do something different for Valentine's Day, cake-wise. And I had some cake left over from the orders that weekend. People were either going to love it or hate it."

Since the video went viral, thanks to various horror sites, the orders have come pouring in. People have told her they'd be willing to drive several hours to pick the cakes up. (Unfortunately, Crabby Cakes can't ship out of state.) Wolfe has been doing her best to respond to all the messages she's been getting. She's also been getting requests, mostly from doctor's offices and transplant patients, for other organs. ("Nurses love them," she said.) Earlier this week, she found time to make and post a video of a pair of kidney cakes.

Wolfe opened Crabby Cakes seven years ago when she was 20 years old and told the Morning News that this was the first time any newspaper had ever written about her. This morning she posted another video, a meme of Clint Eastwood drinking a cup of coffee with the caption, "Did you ever get to the end of the week and think, WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?"